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Access Systems
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  Steps (All Machines)            
1 If more than two steps, access by an incline system (i.e. with an angle of inclination from the horizontal no greater than 75 degrees)      
2 First step to be rigid      
3 First step to be no more than 300mm off the ground      
4 At least the steps likely to be damaged (for machines intended use) must be retractable out of harms way      
5 Powered retractable steps external alarm to give prior warning of activation      
6 All risers to be of consistent height and of consistent inclination between landings      
7 Primary access system and cab door to be lit, if cab platform height is >2m    
8 Primary access system and cab door to be lit     upgrade upgrade
9 Light activation shall be from ground level and cab, with manual switch off     upgrade upgrade  
10 Light activation shall be from ground level and cab, with auto switch off     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
11 Light activation shall be remotely from a key fob or similar     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
12 Enclosure doors shall be opened from ground level manually    
13 Cab door shall be opened from a step of sufficient width for the placement of both feet no more than 500mm off the ground.    
14 Where the Cab door can not be opened from the ground or a suitable step no more than 500mm off the ground then it must be opened from a safe working platform    
15 Cab door shall be opened from ground level remotely     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
16 Access and egress from the cab shall be from a safe working platform, where the platform height is greater than 2m    
17 Top handrails to have non slip texture     OPT OPT OPT  
18 Trip hazards such as deck bolts & filler caps to be eliminated from forseeable walking routes      
  Steps (Applicable to Tracked Machines Only)            
19 Tracks must not be used as part of the access system, with or without three points of contact     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
20 Track surface must not be used as part of the walkway     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
21 No step is to be recessed such that it is not visible when viewed from above by the operator prior to exiting, from the machine facing either backwards or forwards     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
22 No step shall be positioned on or in-between the track frame     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
  Maintenance Additions            
23 Guardrails should ideally be 1200mm (min 1100mm)      
24 Guardrails, handrails to a height of 1100mm or boxing ring type device with kickboards which would prevent a fall, must be fitted to the open side of a platform or walkway, if the height above the ground or a safe working platform is >2m.      
25 Where an access system leads onto a walkway or platform with guardrails which can forseeably be used as a safe working platform for tasks such as inspection maintence and repair within 1.5 metres of the opening , then the opening shall be fitted with a self closing swing gate, opening inwards and secured by a latch, capable of being opened one handed.      
26 Platforms for routine maintenance (including tasks such as cleaning windows or mirrors preferably carried out from ground level) at a height of between 1 metre and 2 metres above the ground or a safe working platform, shall have an anchorage point, (or handhold or handrails capable of being used as an anchorage point) provided on the inside, so that a fall restraint device may be attached.      
27 Hatches and door opening, for access for routine maintenance, shall permit opening and closing without infringing on the individual whilst maintaining three points of contact where this cannot be carried out from the ground or a safe working platfom.      
28 For tasks such as cleaning windows and mirrors etc. an anchorage system and handrail shall be provided suitable for attaching a fall restraint device from a position of safety, and allow unrestricted access around the machine for the given task. The handrail may be designed to serve both purposes      

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