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1 Service Points - All daily checks capable of being carried out at ground level (electronic readouts can be located in the cab)      
2 Service Points - All daily checks capable of being carried out from a safe working platform (electronic readouts can be located in the cab)     N/A N/A N/A  
3 Service Points - All daily checks capable of being carried out at a grouped service point at ground level     upgrade upgrade  
4 Service Points - All daily checks capable of being carried out at a grouped service point from a safe working platform     N/A N/A N/A  
5 Service Points - All service points to be adequately lit and switched from ground level      
6 Lighting - Engine bay to be adequately lit for servicing with options to switch on or off      
7 Fuel Points - Refuelling from ground level      
8 Fuel Points - Refueling from a safe working platform accessed from a stairway requiring only three points of contact     N/A N/A N/A  
9 Fuel Points - Refuelling point from ground level fiitted with formula 1 type fast fill and connection point, such as Wiggins/Banlow type     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
10 Service Points - Machines to be fitted with an autolube system for all greasing points (except rotating prop shafts)      
11 Service Points - Machine fitted with a facility to remove oils to enclosed containers to prevent an inadvertant spillage     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
12 Service Points - Maintenance hatches shall be designed such that once opened they can be retained in the open position and require positive pressure to close, i.e. they can not slam shut unexpectedly      
13 Brakes - In built automatic brake testing device such as Symret     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
14 Brakes/Information - Brake accumulators/Gas canisters should have service requirements specified in the maintenance manual      
15 Brakes - Transmission brakes where open to the elements and parking brakes on machines where a disc is fitted around the prop shaft should be enclosed to protect them from the harsh elements and improve brake functionality.      
16 Signage - All towing, jacking, lifting and supporting locations to be clearly labeled with durable signs with indication of maximum limits      
17 Lifting Accessories - Relocating heavy accessories e.g. batteries and attaching lifting eyes to heavy parts so as to allow for ease of lifting and/or access for mechanical lifting devices     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
18 Tyres (warning) - Automatic tyre pressure gauge indicator in the cab with visual and audible alarm to alert driver to under or over pressure outside safe limits     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
19 Wiring (to cab) - Ensure that there is a plug connection for all wiring to the cab in order to facilitate the removal of the cab when required for maintenance without having to break cables      
20 Teeth Replacement - Replacement of bucket teeth without the need to use a hammer to strike steel work      
21 Batteries - NATO slave start system fitted to batteries to reduce the risk of fire and explosion during jumpstarting accessible from ground level or a safe working platform, supplied in either 12v or 24v as defined by customer      

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