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Safety and Security
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1 Seat belts - Plant to be fitted with seat belt made of a highly visible colour     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
2 Seat belts - Wheeled plant to be fitted with a minimum of three point anchorage inertia real seat belt (to minimise injury from forward impact incident), tracked plant with two point anchorage inertia reel seat belt (to minimise injury from rollover incident)     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
3 Seat belts - Seat belt warning device (visual & audible) activated by load being applied on seat (body mass) or activation of any controls or PIR (Passive Infra Red), to indicate to the operator (within the cab) when the seat belt is not being worn.      
4 Seat belts - Green light fitted to exterior of cab, which is lit when seat belt is worn      
5 Isolation - A secure means of Padlocking off an isolation switch such as an isolock, to all sources of power (incl hydraulic and air etc.) from a position accessible from ground level. Padlock point must be capable of attaching a multihasp      
6 Isolation - Provide an additional means of isolating (with padlock) the main starter switch such that it does not isloate the two way radio, boarding, interior or engine bay lights. Items not isolated clarified by labelling.     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
7 Isolation - Labelling Isolation labels to be located both beside the isolation point (and where relevant on the outside of any cover). Labels to clearly identify the system they control and to be permenant, durable (for the life expectancy of the machine) and readable      
8 Isolation - Residual Energy Provide a method of identifying residual sources of stored energy e.g. pneumatic, hydraulic or radiator pressure, and a means of confirming that energy has been dissipated     Aspirational upgrade Aspirational upgrade Aspirational upgrade  
9 Radiators - Provide a radiator cap with an effective depressurisation interlock cap i.e. to ensure the radiator pressure has been released before allowing removal of radiator cap thus preventing scalds     Aspirational upgrade Aspirational upgrade Aspirational upgrade  
10 Chocks - The provision of appropriately sized wheel chocks for the machine, with storage on the machine, located so that a manual handling device can be used where required      
11 Tyres - Tyres filled with Inert Gas (N2) with recommendations in the manual for top ups for relevant machines     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
12 Starting/Keys - A key less method of starting the engine rather than via a generic manufacturer’s plant type key     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
13 Starting/Keys - A key less method of restricting engine start up to authorised users only e.g. numbered key pad, key fob etc, rather than via a generic manufacturer’s plant type key     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
14 Starting/Keys - A unique key starting the engine rather than via a generic manufacturer’s plant type key     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
15 Starting/Keys - A generic manufacturer’s plant type key to start the machine      
16 Security - Manufacturers to ensure parts ordering systems require a machine serial number to be given as part of the process, so that either parts availability can be restricted or the customer/authorities advised where parts are being ordered for machines reported as stolen      
17 Security - Security datatag system such as the CESAR type systems which is a register of owners and serial numbers     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
18 Security - A machine tracking system for tracking/locating stolen equipment.     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
19 Security - A facility for the recording and remotely downloading of management data e.g. engine hours, fuel usage, driver id when linked with authorised key fobs    
upgrade upgrade  
20 Data capture - A black box recording system for capturing data from multiple cameras on board including a forward facing camera to record any incidents or accidents. The system should record general machine information such as machine location, timespeed, hours, fluid levels, whether the seat belt has been worn, as well as any other outputs from other monitoring devices such as tyre pressures, other alarms such as inclometers etc. excessive brake pressure.     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
21 Guards - Heavy duty cab rock guard (front & top)    
upgrade upgrade  
22 Guards - Anti vandal roller shutter guards     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
23 Guards - Anti vandal removable guards with secure storage     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
24 Alarms - Body up warning device visual & audible within the cab only when moving forward     N/A N/A N/A  
25 Governing Devices - The machine to only allow forward creep if the body is raised     N/A N/A N/A  
26 Governing Devices - A system that modulates the braking systems required for fully laden dumpers, to appropriate levels when braking un-laden, so as to reduce the dangers of overturning     N/A N/A N/A  
27 Fire - Provide a suitably sized portable fire extinguisher (Powder or AFFF), with designated fixing points both inside and outside the cab (in order for the customer to place it in the most suitable position for site security conditions). Inside cab location, positioned so as not to injure the operator in the event of a rollover incident or other accident      
28 Fire - Engine bays fitted with automatic fire suppression systems     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
29 Fire - Engine bays fitted with manual fire suppression systems including clearly labelled activation switch.     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
30 Fire - Label fire fighting equipment with red and white signs clearly visible (scaled appropriately to the machine size) to unambiguously indicate the location type and use of either the automatic, manual or portable equipment      
31 Fire - Electrical cables, hydraulic cables and fuel lines to be run and attached so as to avoid chaffing and other damage that may lead to a fire      
32 Isolation - Locking device fitted to all controls, such that they can not be accidentally knocked and activated when entering or leaving the cab or when maintaining     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
33 Isolation - Provide a manual switch in the cab to isolate the tracking travel mechanism when using the excavator arm.     N/A N/A N/A  
32 Governing Devices - Controls for forward and reverse manoeuvring to be designed so that they can only be unlocked once the operator has secured his seat belt and the seating mechanism registers a load being applied (body mass)     upgrade upgrade  
33 Governing Devices - Automatic engine shut down when body mass is removed from seat or no operator present as detected by PIR, both with appropriate time delays     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
34 Governing Devices - Device fitted to prevent inadvertent and unintentional activation of safety critical controls     N/A N/A  
35 Alarms - A warning device (visual & audible) that indicates to the operator on leaving the cab, that the park brake has not been correctly set     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
36 Alarms - Boom and stick check valve and overload warning device. If to be used as a crane     N/A N/A N/A  
37 Alarms - Safe load indicator if used as a crane     N/A N/A N/A  
38 Alarms - Standardise warning alarm system for machines carrying out lifting activities to include an improved progressive warning system and/or a system for recording the SWL has been exceeded.     N/A  
39 Signage & Information - Provide lifting charts specific to the machine located on the machine and in the manual.     N/A  
40 Signage - Where machines are not certified for lifting a standardised decal shall be prominently displayed, in cab of the machine and any usual lifting point (e.g. where lifting eyes are fitted as standard).     N/A  
41 Signage - Lifting points shall be clearly identified e.g. decals or contrasting paint on the outside and a decal inside the machine to indicate it is capable of lifting.     N/A  
42 Alarms - Inclometer to indicate angle of track/machine frame in relation to the ground     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
43 Alarms - Inclometer to indicate angle of machine in both a front to back and sideways perspective to the ground with an audible and visual indicator in the cab before the critical slope angle is reached.     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
44 Alarms - Provide a system for detecting overhead high voltage powerlines, and giving the operator both visual and audible information on their proximity to them with any excavator arms or raised bodies     N/A  
45 Alarms - Inclometer to indicate angle of machine in both a front to back and sideways perspective to the ground with an audible and visual indicator in the cab when critical slope angle is reached and to prevent the body being raised     N/A N/A N/A  
46 Windscreen Guards - Windscreen grills/mesh, hinged for easy access for cleaning     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
47 Windows/Guarding - Where the window could allow access to a danger zone e.g. right hand side to a telescopic handler and excavators, these should be none opening and laminated glass as standard.     N/A N/A N/A  
48 Windows - Front windscreens on loading shovel and excavators to have laminated glass     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
49 Windows - All windows to have laminated glass and emergency exit to be push out design     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
50 ROPS & FOPS to level 1      
51 FOPS to level 2 where there is a risk of large or heavy objects falling on the cab (as detailed in the standard)     upgrade upgrade  
52 Governing Device - Provision of steel loader ram sleeve to prevent uncontrolled lowering of frame & bucket during maintenance     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
53 Governing Device - Check valves on loader frame cylinders (to prevent uncontrolled lowering of frame & bucket in the event of burst hose), when being used as a material handling arm(s)     upgrade upgrade upgrade  
54 Anchorage Points - Manufacturers to provide formal anchorage points for correct and safe securing their machines for transportation with corresponding guidance in the machine manual.      

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