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LOCATION: Concrete products plant ARTICLE YEAR 2018
ACTIVITY: Occupational Health COMPANY: Sibelco UK
SUB ACTIVITY: Air and dust COMPANY LOCATION: Kingsteignton
Vending machine for PPE


Operators at Sibelco’s East Golds site had to collect all their PPE from stores at its Preston Manor site. When new dust masks were required, a special journey was required to collect them, the supply was in boxes containing 100 masks face masks. Once at East Gold, the boxes were stored in a dust contaminated area of plant. Operators would help themselves to a mask without any record being kept.

A further difficulty for operators at East Golds was that the stores at Preston Manor were only open between 8am – 4pm. On occasions, it was not possible to provide operators with replacement masks if the stock had run out outside the opening hours.

The solution was to install a card operated, PPE vending machine at East Gold. This allowed operators, maintenance workers, management and contractors access to PPE 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The supplier of the vending machine provided training on issuing users with cards and how to access the items in the machine. Card were issued to all the individuals on-site who required access to the PPE dispensed by the machine. A partnership was established with Hayley, the PPE supplier, to monitor stock levels via remote software and replenish as necessary.


  • PPE available from a clean and secure source
  • System enables activities of individuals to be recorded
  • Ensures operators are being issued with the correct sized dust masks
  • PPE always available and easily accessible on-site
  • Removed need to travel to Preston Manor and consequent loss of time
  • A stock of masks is always available
  • Reduced risk of exposure to silica.
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