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Latest best practice
TitleActivityType of LocationYearPrize
5+2 People and plant segregationTraffic managementAsphalt/Coating plant2016 False
Concrete placing machine – to separate pedestrians from fork lift trucksProduction and ProcessingConcrete products2016 False
Contractor evaluation following work completionContractor SafetyCompany-wide2016 False
Contractor safety boardContractor SafetyQuarry2016 False
Developing improvements to driver healthOccupational HealthTransport2016 False
Latest toolbox talks
Incident alerts
Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
01479Situational Awareness – Conscious Overload 7 +/- 211/01/2018Construction/delivery siteBehavioural Safety
01478Fall from height into water - BMAPA Alert19/12/2017Marine & ship to shoreMaintenance & Housekeeping
01477FEL Contact with Customer Vehicle07/11/2017Asphalt/Coating plantTransport / Delivery
01475ADT Drives through Bund20/10/2017QuarryTraffic management
01474Mechanical handling injury on dredger due to maintenance regime16/10/2017Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
Hot topics
TitleShort DescriptionSourceDate
Achieving Zero Harm - MPA initiatives to help the industry improve health and safety at work in 2018

MPA has pioneered a range of initiatives to help its members and others to improve health and safety at work. At the start of 2018, please review the summary and consider, if not already in place, whether they could be adopted in your organisation.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and safe Christmas - seasonal tips

Please read and share these seasonal health and safety tips, to help keep you, your colleagues and your family safe over Christmas.  

Quarry Operator and Contractor Code of Conduct

Guidance in support of the Quarry Operator/Contractor Code of Conduct

The Contractors Code of Conduct states:

It is the duty of the contractor to demonstrate to the quarry operator that sufficiently competent persons supported by appropriate site based competency checks are provided. It is strongly recommended that contractors maintain a valid safety passport to underpin hazard awareness knowledge. 

Please read the the information sheet to learn more.

QNJAC have also created a toolbox talk that  is accessible via the Safequarry and QNJAC websites.. 

Quarry Design – Version 1 – September 2017

Guidance Note on Quarry design in relation to excavations and tips (QNJAC Geotechnical Face & Stockpile Operations Subcommittee)

The requirement for “design” forms a central tenet of the Quarry Regulations 19991 (The term design is used more than 60 times in the Approved Code of Practice). This document summarises the key legislation in relation to quarry design.

The guidance recognises that the nature of quarry design may be profoundly different from site to site. However, the guidance outlines the three principal steps to design; Pre- Commencement, During Construction and On Completion. It highlights the subdivisions within these stages. The process and the various elements contributing to the design should be clearly laid out in the Health and Safety documentation. Good practice would ensure a named individual is responsible for the maintenance of the design

MPA security awareness briefing on industry vehicles as potential terrorist weapons

Please follow link to the advice being provided to the industry by the national security services. It outlines the nature of the threat and recommends some measures that can be taken to help minimise the opportunity for terrorists to steal/hi-jack a vehicle.

The industry has a particular vulnerability because the operations and deliveries undertaken can involve vehicles left with engines running both on and off site, making them especially vulnerable.

Theft alerts
Incident No.TitleDateCountyLocationWhat stolen
00035Theft of Brendon Pressure Washer13/07/2015BerkshireRuralOther
00034Damaged Security Gates05/05/2015OxfordshireRuralOther
00030Fuel Theft19/05/2014OxfordshireRuralFuel
00029Electric cable theft14/02/2014Kinross-shireRuralCable
00028Fuel Theft07/02/2014SelkirkshireRuralFuel
Sharing health and safety resources helps us all work towards Zero Harm
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