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Latest best practice
TitleActivityType of LocationYearPrize
Asphalt drum hydro blastingMaintenance & HousekeepingAsphalt/Coating plant2021 False
Chromate identification and quantification videoOccupational HealthCement plant2021 False
Creation of an Occupational Health and Wellbeing (OHWB) Learning Centre at 'The Park'TrainingTraining Centre2021 False
Danger zone modelling – calculation of a danger zone surrounding a blastProduction and ProcessingQuarry2021 False
Easy tautliner loadingLoading and unloadingConcrete products plant2021 False
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Incident alerts
Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
03628Fatal 1 - LOTOTO - Failure To Implement Isolation Procedure08/09/2022Aggregate DredgerLoading and unloading
03629Ship crane cable failure08/09/2022Aggregate DredgerLifting
03627Operator trips on lifting hook on hatch - Slips, trips and falls06/09/2022Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
03625Fatal 6 - Articulated truck rollover on soft verge18/08/2022On-HighwayTransport / Delivery
03626Fatal 6 - Vehicle rollover – driver requires 24 stitches18/08/2022On-HighwayTransport / Delivery
Hot topics
TitleShort DescriptionSourceDate
Fatal 4 - HSE is inspecting manufacturing business where materials that contain silica are used

From October, HSE Inspectors will be visiting manufacturing business where materials such as stone, rocks, sand and clay are used. This will include: 

  • Brick and tile manufacturers 
  • Foundries  
  • Stone working  

Please see HSE bulletin that provides more information and links to guidance on control measures. 

Employers have a legal duty to put in place suitable arrangements to manage health and safety and ensure they comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH).

Inspectors will be checking that dutyholders know the risks associated with inhalation of RCS and have effective controls in place to keep workers safe and protect their respiratory health. 

 Please also see the Fatal 4 section on Safequarry

Loading Bulk Wagons - Code of Practice 2019

The purpose of this approved code of practice is to offer guidance to parties engaged in the process and management of loading bulk products onto rail wagons, such that the risks associated with the transportation of wagons are minimised. Included is the management of risk associated with residual / incomplete loading and unloading events.

The provisions of this guidance document relate to bulk products as defined: unbound, solid, particulate materials. It has been produced by the National Freight Safety Group.

National Freight Safety Group18/08/2022
Rope ladders putting lives at risk

The poor management and sub-standard quality of ships’ rope ladders are putting the lives of marine pilots at risk, according to new findings by the MAIB.

Please follow link to further information and see pdf of an APB poster produced to provide guidance on this issue

Guidelines for the management of public safety on MPA Member's operational and non operational sites - Updated July 2022

These guidelines were prepared in consultation with MPA member companies. They provide guidance on good practice in the management of public safety and are complimentary to the existing statutory requirements.

They have been reviewed to ensure that they remain up to date and to reflect the importance of the collaboration with other agencies in raising public awareness about the dangers of open water such as water filled voids in quarries and quarry lakes. 

They recommend systems and actions to assist operators:

  • To manage trespass issues on operational, closed or mothballed sites
  • To help deter members of the public from entering sites uninvited
  • To warn members of the public about the potential hazards
  • To manage public safety particularly when there is a public right of way on a site.
Working at Height Safely - Employee GuideAll workplace falls from height are avoidable and you have the ability to stop an accident before it occurs. This clear, simple, smart booklet provides advice for employees on how they can avoid danger and keep themselves and their colleagues safe by applying the hierarchy of control for all work at height activitiesMPA18/07/2022
Theft alerts
Incident No.TitleDateCountyLocationWhat stolen
00035Theft of Brendon Pressure Washer13/07/2015BerkshireRuralOther
00034Damaged Security Gates05/05/2015OxfordshireRuralOther
00030Fuel Theft19/05/2014OxfordshireRuralFuel
00029Electric cable theft14/02/2014Kinross-shireRuralCable
00028Fuel Theft07/02/2014SelkirkshireRuralFuel