Public Safety

The safety of members of the public who interact with the Mineral Products Industry is a priority, whether this is as customers or indirectly through activities such as sharing the same road space as our delivery trucks.

The industry undertakes a range of activities and initiatives to help keep the public safe. The industry also recognises that, in addition to physical measures and management systems, education and working with other key stakeholders are essential elements in any programme designed to change unsafe behaviour and to help reduce the potential for accidents.

The Mineral Products Association (MPA), the trade association that represents the majority of the industry, runs a number of safety campaigns.

Stay Safe - Preventing injuries arising from unsupervised quarry entry

The Stay Safe campaign is to raise awareness amongst younger children, teenagers, parents, teachers and youth workers about the dangers of entering quarries uninvited and unsupervised. The key message of the campaign is to "Stay Safe...Stay Out of quarries".

The campaign includes

  1. Publication of free resources for use by industry, teachers and others
  2. Programme of school and quarry visits to help raise awareness
  3. Sharing information and providing guidance to quarry operators on best practice
  4. Liaising with other stakeholders and industries seeking to protect the public
  5. Running the annual media campaigns to raise awareness of the hazards
  6. Regular reminders to operators to check fencing and warning signs around their quarries

Please visit the stay safe website, the facebook campaign page and watch video that supports the campaign by clicking on the buttons on the right.

Follow this link to the MPA's 'Guidelines for the management of public safety on MPA members' operational and non-operational sites'.

Cycle Safe - Promoting cyclist safety and minimising risk

MPA's position is that there is joint responsibility for road safety. National and central government must ensure that roads and junctions are designed for safety and properly maintained, LGV operators and drivers must take action to minimize the risk of collisions and Cyclists and other vulnerable road users must behave responsibly.

The MPA is currently progressing 6 key action points as part of its cycle safe campaign.

  1. Promote Driver and Industry Awareness
  2. Promote Cyclist and Public Awareness
  3. Improve Driver Training
  4. Encourage Members to use Appropriate Technological Adaptations to Minimise Risks to Cyclists and Exchange Experience
  5. Liaise with Schools
  6. Work in Partnership

Please visit the cycle safe webpage and watch the video by clicking buttons on the right.

Sharing health and safety resources helps us all work towards Zero Harm
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