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COVID 19 - Virtual felt leadership
CEMEX has provided a brief guide on how you can implement Virtual Felt Leadership practices when working and managing staff remotely.
CEMEXLeadership and workforce engagement02/04/2020
COVID 19 - Briefing for canteen or similar welfare facilitiesstaff
CEMEX has provided briefing for employees using or working in canteen or similar welfare facilities
CEMEXAll Subjects02/04/2020
COVID 19 - Briefing for weighbridge or batch cabin staff
CEMEX has provided a briefing for employees working in the weighbridge office or batch cabins
CEMEXQuarrying - general02/04/2020
COVID 19 - Briefing for truckmixer driver
CEMEX has shared a briefing for truckmixer drivers
COVID 19 - Briefing for tanker drivers
CEMEX has shared this resource for tanker drivers
COVID 19 - Briefing for tipper drivers
CEMEX has shared this briefing for tipper drivers
COVID 19 – HSE statement re timebound inspections

Statement from HSE on how it intends to regulate businesses with regard to their statutory testing requirements during the Corona virus outbreak.

MPA is writing to the HSE to seek further clarification on the matter of statutory testing in view of concerns about the potential for Statutory inspections to go out of date during any extended temporary site closures and/or also as a result of the emerging evidence that the capacity of the certifying bodies to carry out inspections is starting to become stretched.

HSEAll Subjects01/04/2020
COVID 19 - HSE advice on First Aid

HSE advice on first aid including managing with reduced first aid cover, sharing resources and first aid certificate extensions.

HSE First Aid

HSEAll Subjects01/04/2020
COVID 19 - HSE advice on homeworking

As an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers.

This guidance outlines what an employer should consider when someone is working from home, permanently or temporarily.

HSE Home workers

COVID 19 - Advice for employees interacting with members of public and/or protesters during coronavirus restrictions.

During this period there is a risk that employees either travelling to work or involved in work activities off-site (such as delivering materials) may encounter members of the public or protesters objecting to their activities. There is also an increasing potential for individuals to be challenged by the police. This briefing provides advice on how member companies and their employees can handle these encounters in a safe and courteous manner.

MPAQuarrying - general30/03/2020
COVID 19 - Public Safety at active, inactive and disused sites during coronavirus restrictions

Given the current exceptional circumstances, MPA would urge members to consider public safety at all sites, whether operational or inactive. This briefing provides a checklist of issues to review for in relation to public safety

MPAPublic safety30/03/2020
COVID 19 - Managing site security during temporary COVID-19 closures

It may be necessary for members to temporarily close some operational sites due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sites that are unoccupied may become an increased target for intruders, whether for the theft of materials and equipment or vandalism. This briefing is intended to summarise the main issues that should be considered when closing a site.

MPAQuarrying - general30/03/2020
Sharing health and safety resources helps us all work towards Zero Harm
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