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Latest best practice
TitleActivityType of LocationYearPrize
AG’s ‘Good Catch’ scheme: Empowering workers to proactively create a safer working environmentWorker InvolvementCompany-wide2019 False
Arc flash safety initiatives - RUNNER UPMaintenance & HousekeepingCement plant2019 False
Batch heater barrel upgradeMaintenance & HousekeepingAsphalt/Coating plant2019 False
Bespoke moveable stop signsWorker InvolvementQuarry2019 False
Bottom opening skipProduction and ProcessingConcrete products plant2019 False
Latest toolbox talks
Incident alerts
Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
02565Contractor Severs Fingers on Conveyor Belt25/06/2020OtherMaintenance & Housekeeping
02564Finger dislocation on induction tour - BMAPA alert17/06/2020Aggregate DredgerMarine Operations
02563COVID 19 - Hand sanitiser ignition - injuring haulier and causing vehicle fire 09/06/2020QuarryTransport / Delivery
02562Bitumen Spillage01/06/2020Asphalt/Coating plantProduction and Processing
02557Air Suspension Systems on Vehicles - HSE alert 20/05/2020OtherMaintenance & Housekeeping
Hot topics
TitleShort DescriptionSourceDate


The increased amount of travel and social interaction which is now permitted, presents much greater opportunity to contract and transmit Coronavirus and the gains achieved during lockdown could easily be lost. Recent press reports suggest that numbers of cases are increasing and a second wave may already be occurring, with some very localised spikes in businesses and towns.

It is essential that organisations and individuals remain vigilant. The basic control measures (social distancing, good hygiene etc.) that were identified at the outset continue to be relevant and effective.

Members are therefore advised to:

  • Ensure their workplaces remain COVID safe
  • Review and if necessary supplement the control measures in place
  • Conduct regular audits and inspections of the COVID measures
  • Monitor compliance with site COVID rules
  • Provide regular and frequent refresher toolbox talks to maintain awareness and reinforce the message
  • Having contingency measures in place that will ensure that further site shutdowns can be implemented quickly and safely if this becomes necessary.

The MPA’s ‘Ten Rules of Engagement’ are as applicable now as much as ever…

Please go to the COVID 19 section of Safequarry if you want to download any of the free posters.


Rollover of tipper

The rollover of a tipper in the Midlands this week reinforces the importance of ensuring that drivers and operators understand how to prevent these incidents. CEMEX has produced a video on rollover prevention, this topic is also covered in MPA's Driver's Handbook.

View CEMEX Video

COVID 19 - HSE article on disinfecting premises

HSE has issued an article on disinfecting premises. Fog, mist, vapour or UV treatments may be suitable options to help control the spread of Coronavirus, by cleaning and disinfecting larger workspaces/rooms. The article provides information on the different methods available, the suitability and limitations of each system and the safety considerations. Any use of these treatments should be risk assessed.

View Article

Safe bitumen tank management

This is a joint document produced by Eurobitume & MPA that has been substantially rewritten and replaces any earlier versions. Its aim is to reduce the incidence of uncontrolled bitumen spillages.  Bitumen spillages have a high potential for serious injury as bitumen is stored at high temperatures. This document explains the fundamental principles that need to be adopted at all asphalt plants for the safe operation of bitumen storage tanks, to reduce the risk of occurrence of a potentially serious incident.

Eurobitume UK14/07/2020
Guidance for the design and operation of ground based pumps

This is a joint document produced by Eurobitume & MPA that has been substantially rewritten and replaces any earlier versions. Its aim is to define the minimum industry standards for design, equipment and procedures based on legislation and experience. These standards should be used by suppliers, bitumen hauliers and customer sites. It is specified where standards are mandatory, by stating that such levels must be achieved. In other areas the standards should be seen as industry recommendations, for example where best practice is not currently achievable due to infrastructure or legacy issues.


Eurobitume UK14/07/2020
Theft alerts
Incident No.TitleDateCountyLocationWhat stolen
00035Theft of Brendon Pressure Washer13/07/2015BerkshireRuralOther
00034Damaged Security Gates05/05/2015OxfordshireRuralOther
00030Fuel Theft19/05/2014OxfordshireRuralFuel
00029Electric cable theft14/02/2014Kinross-shireRuralCable
00028Fuel Theft07/02/2014SelkirkshireRuralFuel