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Latest best practice
TitleActivityType of LocationYearPrize
Adherence to site rules - Signage used to help change behaviourBehavioural SafetyQuarry2018 False
5+2 Campaign – Safety zone blue lights and other enhancementsPedestrian safetyOn-Highway2017 True
Action cam videoMaintenance & HousekeepingQuarry2017 False
Aggregate overflow cut off device Production and ProcessingAsphalt/Coating plant2017 False
Aim for Excellence campaignBehavioural SafetyCompany-wide2017 True
Latest toolbox talks
Incident alerts
Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
01506Drivers falling whilst exiting or entering their cabs25/03/2019TransportAccess & Egress & Working at Height
01509Fatal 6 – Employee enters hopper without PTW or Isolating19/03/2019Concrete productsMaintenance & Housekeeping
01505Confined Space - Serious Near Hit19/02/2019Aggregate DredgerMaintenance & Housekeeping
01502Stressed 12.5 mm. strand slipping - Use and maintenance of barrels and wedges10/01/2019Concrete productsProduction and Processing
01501Fatal 6 – Operator hit by moving rail mounted machinery09/01/2019Concrete productsProduction and Processing
Hot topics
TitleShort DescriptionSourceDate
Eurobitume UK Workshops - Safe delivery of bitumen guide

Eurobitume UK have organised five training Workshops to promote the new Safe Delivery of Bitumen guide and also to act as refresher training for anyone familiar with the previous guide – these are aimed at asphalt plant managers, operators and anyone responsible for the safe handling and storage of bitumen. Industry best practice and information on the most up-to-date bitumen safety procedures, are provided through presentations and demonstrations.

Workshops are being held as follows

  • 3rd April 2019 Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling
  • 1st May 2019 Briar Court Hotel, Huddersfield
  • 8th May 2019 Windmill Village Hotel Coventry
  • 15th May 2019 Best Western Manor Hotel Gravesend
  • 22nd May 2019 Centurion Hotel, Radstock
Drivers Handbook - November 2018

MPA has updated the Drivers Handbook,

The purpose of the Driver’s Handbook is to make LGV drivers aware of the risks that they may face or create while driving and operating vehicles and typically understanding how to manage the risks. The handbook outlines what is required of a driver in terms of his or her, vehicle, journey and driving behaviours. In addition it deals with emergency situations and gives practical advice on what to
do to help keep you safe from avoidable harm.

This handbook will help you work with your employer to avoid preventable incidents and injuries to yourself and other people when driving for work. It should be used with your employer’s driving for work policies and procedures.

FATAL 6 - Contact with moving machinery

High Potential Incident  - The video shows how an operator injured his foot when it came into contact with a milling drum. His injuries could have been a lot more serious.

The video includes captions to remind operators of the simple measures one needs to take to avoid this type of incident.

Please share this video with your colleagues. It is a very graphic illustration of the potential consequences of a moments thoughtless action.

FATAL 6 Nudge - Isolation


Please watch the short video that demonstrates how an operator was easily able to remove a multi-lock isolation clasp whilst it was still pad-locked.

The use of poorly designed isolation clasps could result in a serious injury or fatality if an employee or contractor is able to defeat the system. Whilst this requires an operator to break all the rules, it is possible that situations could arise when an operator is convinced that it is safe to do so, expediency could then colour his judgement.

The video also shows two examples of effective designs.  Please watch the video and ensure that your organisation is using appropriate isolation clasps.If you find a defective or poorly designed clasp please hand it in to your supervisor.

Contract Surfacing Operational Guidance January 2019

This guidance document has been developed to give MPA members, their clients and specifiers, a focused approach to considering the requirements of operating in highways construction and maintenance sector. It has been developed from guidance first produced by MPA Scotland in relation to nightworking, but on a more generic basis. The document however relates not only to the SRN, or its equivalent in the Devolved Nations, but all roads.

This guidance does not supersede any Regulatory and/or contractual requirements, but can be considered as complementary.

Theft alerts
Incident No.TitleDateCountyLocationWhat stolen
00035Theft of Brendon Pressure Washer13/07/2015BerkshireRuralOther
00034Damaged Security Gates05/05/2015OxfordshireRuralOther
00030Fuel Theft19/05/2014OxfordshireRuralFuel
00029Electric cable theft14/02/2014Kinross-shireRuralCable
00028Fuel Theft07/02/2014SelkirkshireRuralFuel