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Latest best practice
TitleActivityType of LocationYearPrize
Adherence to site rules - Signage used to help change behaviourBehavioural SafetyQuarry2018 False
Adjustable height sheeting platformAccess & Egress & Working at HeightAsphalt/Coating plant2018 False
Aircrete load security - void guardsReducing Occupational Road RiskConcrete products2018 True
Asphalt loadout door cradleMaintenance & HousekeepingAsphalt/Coating plant2018 False
Asphalt plant mixer shaft replacementMaintenance & HousekeepingAsphalt/Coating plant2018 False
Latest toolbox talks
Incident alerts
Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
01527Contractor looses 4 fingers during lifting operation - £400K fine for company12/09/2019Readymix or mortar plantLifting
01526Flailing operation on hedgerow puts public at risk - near miss16/08/2019Contracting - On-highway Public safety
01524Fatal 6 - Receiving hopper collapse14/08/2019Readymix or mortar plantProduction and Processing
01523Operator using stone cropper broke and lacerated his finger13/08/2019QuarryProduction and Processing
01522Fatal 6 - Operating close to, or under, suspended loads12/08/2019Concrete productsLifting
Hot topics
TitleShort DescriptionSourceDate
MPA Midlands Region - Health & Safety Awareness Day – 15 October 2019 - Staffordshire

Book now for the workshops hosted by J C Bamford Excavators Ltd. The day is designed to promote best practice and encourage the whole workforce to be the eyes and ears of fellow workers.

The day covers a range of topics, including 2 of the Fatal 6.  See pdf for more information on the topics covered, the location and direct links to booking forms. 

Driver safety at customer sites - bulk delivery - 6th Edition

Following the ejection of three filter housings from silo tops within three months, the procedure for validating customer safety controls has been updated. 

The quick check questionnaire produced by MPA Cement has updated. This is the standard risk assessment used by its members on customer sites to ensure that major hazards faced by the driver are being correctly addressed for bulk deliveries.


Customer Site Safety - Bagged Cement Delivery - 3rd Edition

Deliveries of cement to customer sites occur on a frequent basis. In some instances customers may receive numerous loads on any given day. Following a series of customer site incidents and near misses, MPA Cement has updated the standard risk assessment used by its members on customer sites to ensure that major hazards faced by the driver are being correctly addressed. This document concentrates on a relatively narrow set of health and safety criteria specific to bagged cement delivery that should be considered as part of a customer’s overall risk assessment.

MPA North Region Exchanging Places Safety Day Event

Wednesday 18 September 2019 Health, Safety & Well Being

11 locations in North

Free to MPA members and their contractors

A unique opportunity to visit another company’s site and spend the day sharing safe working practices between individuals, sites and other member companies and their contractors. Please view pdf for more information and how to book. Topics include several FATAL 6 themes.
MPA issues a hot weather alertMPA alert reminds operators of the importance of being diligent about public safety during the unusually hot weather and school holidays.MPA25/07/2019
Theft alerts
Incident No.TitleDateCountyLocationWhat stolen
00035Theft of Brendon Pressure Washer13/07/2015BerkshireRuralOther
00034Damaged Security Gates05/05/2015OxfordshireRuralOther
00030Fuel Theft19/05/2014OxfordshireRuralFuel
00029Electric cable theft14/02/2014Kinross-shireRuralCable
00028Fuel Theft07/02/2014SelkirkshireRuralFuel