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Site energy isolation self audit - June 2019 Updated AUDIT

QNJAC has produced an even more user friendly version of their Isolation Self-Audit tool, with improved functionality which now allows the question set to be completed electronically. Members are reminded of the importance of guarding and isolation and conducting regular audits to check that their arrangements and procedures are sufficient. In this regard, the QNJAC Self Audit tool should prove very useful.

COVID 19 - Updated HSE Guidance on the thorough examination and testing of equipment during the coronavirus outbreak: Your legal obligations

This guidance is for dutyholders and inspectors. It has information about how to meet your legal obligations to carry out thorough examination and testing of equipment during the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

HSETesting materials and equipment18/06/2020
COVID 19 - Guidance for the long-term Storage of Bitumen

Eurobitume UK Guidance May 2020 - This document provides guidance on the short and medium/long-term storage of bitumen in a bulk bitumen storage tank. This guidance must be used alongside the plant-based risk assessment for you to decide the most appropriate option. Careful management of temperature will help preserve the bitumen’s quality.

This will be of particular interest to operations that have been shut down and are now re-starting.

Eurobitume UKBitumen, storage and delivery01/06/2020
Relationship between impacts of geotechnical management, drilling and blasting in a quarry - QNJAC toolbox talk

A toolbox talk on information and engagement in relation to the impacts that geotechnical management, drilling and blasting have on one another in a quarry operation.

It is aimed at quarry operators, quarry managers, supervisors, geotechnical specialists and those persons carrying out drilling and blasting work at the quarry.

Prepared by the QNJAC Joint Drill, Blast and Geotechnical Group in May 2020.

QNJACDrilling and Blasting26/05/2020
Face surveying - QNJAC Toolbox Talk

This toolbox talk is aimed at quarry managers, supervisors and those persons responsible for implementing the recommended measures from geotechnical assessments and managing the surveying operation.

Prepared by the QNJAC Joint Drill, Blast and Geotechnical  Group in May  2020.

QNJACGeotechnical, Faces & Stockpiles26/05/2020
Overburden stripping - QNJAC Toolbox talk

This  toolbox talk  is aimed at quarry operators, quarry managers and supervisors and should be read in conjunction with the ' QNJAC Guidance to Managing Change to Excavations and Tips'

It has been prepared by QNJAC Joint Drill, Blast and Geotechnical  Group. 

Toolbox talk was produced in May 2020

QNJACGeotechnical, Faces & Stockpiles26/05/2020
COVID 19 - Operational Guidance
A more detailed publication aimed at Directors and Managers, this provides guidance on operating safely during the COVID 19  pandemic and provides links to important sources of information and updates, including from Government and non-Government organisations.
This complements the Managers and Employees pocket guides which are also accessible on Safequarry. A range of posters are also downloadable from Safequarry which are based on the cartoons and key the health and safety messages. 
MPAAll Subjects19/05/2020
COVID 19 - Employees COVID 19 Guidance

A pocket book that outlines 10 simple Rules of Engagement for employees returning to work, 10 ways of behaving that will help to keep them, their family and their colleagues safe.

It highlights how these behaviours can be applied in a range of different situations, commencing from when an employee leaves home, a range of activities they might engage in or locations they might visit during a normal working day. It concludes with a safe return home.

MPAAll Subjects11/05/2020
COVID 19 - Managers COVID 19 Guidance
A pocket book that outlines 10 simple Rules of Engagement and summarises the steps that managers should take prior to work restarting at sites. It highlights the practical steps to facilitate social distancing and to mitigate other hazards associated with COVID-19. It looks at ways of helping employees and others on site changing their behaviour.  
MPAAll Subjects11/05/2020
Guidelines for the management of public safety on MPA members'’ operational and non-operational sites

MPA has reviewed and updated the guidelines

They provide guidance on good practice in the management of public safety and are complimentary to the existing statutory requirements. They recommend systems and actions to assist operators:

  • To manage trespass issues on operational, closed or mothballed sites
  • To help deter members of the public from trespassing on their sites
  • To warn members of the public about the potential hazards
  • To manage public safety particularly when there is a public right of way on a site.
MPAPublic safety30/03/2020
Blast designs and techniques to improve quarry face stability - February 2020

Guidance for quarry operators, geotechnical engineers, quarry managers, explosive supervisors, shotfirers and all others involved in the blast process to consider when designing and implementing blasts for improving quarry face stability

QNJACDrilling and Blasting16/02/2020
Managing stockpiles - Construction of solid tips - QNJAC - December 2019
A new toolbox talk from QNJAC outlining the correct way to construct solid tips
QNJACGeotechnical, Faces & Stockpiles13/12/2019