MPA & British Precast  Health & Safety Awards 2021


Wednesday 10 November 2021 - 10.30am

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The MPA & British Precast Health & Safety Awards is FREE and online this year. The event that will enable us all to share and celebrate the health and safety achievements over the last 2 years. It will be hosted by BBC Presenter Sybil Ruscoe. 

This event will highlight the:
  • Winner and finalists of the 8 New H&S Topic Awards
  • Winner of the New ‘The Fatal 6’ Award
  • Winner of the Eurobitume Award
  • Winners of the Individual Recognition Awards
  • Winner and finalists for the New Young Leader Award
  • Winner of the John Crabbe Trophy
  • Winner of the Sir Frank Davies Trophy

Why Should You Register?

Whether you are a business owner, senior manager, H&S specialist, site manager, supervisor, supplier, contractor or other key stakeholder,
                 ---   this is a unique, free, online, 90 minute opportunity to achieve the following;

  1. To celebrate the achievements of employees and the success of both your own and competitor organisations.  
  2. To learn about the innovations that are transforming health and safety in the mineral products industry.
  3. To recognise actions that you can take to make your work environment safer for all.
  4. To learn about the experiences of senior industry specialists who will be reflecting on
    • How we can make mobile and fixed plant safer in the mineral products industry
    • Their experience engaging with the MPA H&S leadership workshops

The impact of MP Connect and other industry initiatives in Transport and Road Safety.