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The Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC)  is a tripartite body comprising quarrying and extractive industry representatives of employers; employees; the government regulator (Health & Safety Executive, HSE); professional membership bodies; and industry training/educational organizations. 

The purpose of the QNJAC is to debate and develop health and safety policies and implementation strategies.  See Target Zero Vision Statement

The ‘engine room’ of the QNJAC comprises a series of Sub-Committees which focus on particular subject areas or projects, as required.  Approved QNJAC output is principally in the form of Guidance documents which, when confirmed by HSE’s Publications Governance Group,  are published on this website.

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Post-Blast Fumes - Updated July 2019

Guidance on post-blast fumes and the steps to be taken to help reduce their production and avoid exposure to them.

Target Audience - All those involved in the blasting operation – especially the post-blast inspection process.

Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Thunderstorms – Risks and Actions - Updated Feb 2020

Guidance on what steps to take if a thunderstorm approaches
during the blasting process.

Target Audience - Anybody involved in the blasting process.

Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Fires on Explosives Vehicles - Updaed February 2020

Guidance on what steps to take in the event of a fire on a vehicle that is either carrying explosives or materials used to make explosives.

Target Audience - All those working on quarries or surface mines where
explosives are used.

Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
The Post-Blast Inspection - Updated Feb 2020

Guidance on the post-blast inspection process

Target Audience - Shotfirers and Explosive Supervisors.

Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Danger Zone Control and the Duties of Sentries Updated Feb 2020

.Guidance on how to ensure control of the danger zone and what is expected from sentries.

Target Audience -  Managers, Supervisors, Shotfirers, Sentries and Explosives Supervisors

Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Defining the Danger Zone for Blasting - Updated Feb 2020
Guidance on what to consider when determining the danger zone for quarry blasting. The target audience for this toolbox talk is shotfirers, explosives supervisors and quarry operators. 
Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Loading and Unloading of Drilling Rigs & Compressors - Updated 2020
An illustrated toolbox talk produced by the QNJAC, addressing: competence; loading area; pre-loading checks; loading; unloading; example incident; key points
Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Positioning a shotfiring shelter - Toolbox Talk - Updated Feb 2020
Toolbox talk providing guidance on the correct location of shelters.
Drilling and Blasting04/03/2021
Updated - The Management of Electrical Safety in Quarries, Associated Plant and Equipment

This guidance covers the generalities of the Management System for Electrical Installations at quarries, associated non quarry sites and mobile equipment.

Plant Information Sheet 1 - (Version 2, January 2021) - review date: 2026

Plant – fixed and mobile18/01/2021
Site energy isolation self audit - June 2019 Updated AUDIT

QNJAC has produced an even more user friendly version of their Isolation Self-Audit tool, with improved functionality which now allows the question set to be completed electronically. Members are reminded of the importance of guarding and isolation and conducting regular audits to check that their arrangements and procedures are sufficient. In this regard, the QNJAC Self Audit tool should prove very useful.

Plant – fixed and mobile01/07/2020
Relationship between impacts of geotechnical management, drilling and blasting in a quarry - QNJAC toolbox talk

A toolbox talk on information and engagement in relation to the impacts that geotechnical management, drilling and blasting have on one another in a quarry operation.

It is aimed at quarry operators, quarry managers, supervisors, geotechnical specialists and those persons carrying out drilling and blasting work at the quarry.

Prepared by the QNJAC Joint Drill, Blast and Geotechnical Group in May 2020.

Drilling and Blasting26/05/2020
Face surveying - QNJAC Toolbox Talk

This toolbox talk is aimed at quarry managers, supervisors and those persons responsible for implementing the recommended measures from geotechnical assessments and managing the surveying operation.

Prepared by the QNJAC Joint Drill, Blast and Geotechnical  Group in May  2020.

Geotechnical, Faces & Stockpiles26/05/2020
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