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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2014
ACTIVITY: Worker Involvement COMPANY: Hanson UK
BEST PRACTICE No: BP1920 COMPANY TEL: 07966 499299
Health and safety week

Hanson ran a highly successful health and safety week involving employees across all parts of its business. Activities were designed to be engaging, thought-provoking and encourage participation – while also enhancing the appropriate skills of the workforce. Importantly, the event also led to action – both throughout the week and beyond.

Each day was based around a specific theme and supported with resources such as toolbox talks, podcasts, a home safety website and posters. This approach ensured that a consistent set of key messages was delivered across the business. The main themes were;

1. ‘Be safe at Hanson’ included training on the importance of isolation and machine guarding
2. ‘All be healthy’ looked at personal health issues such as adopting a healthier lifestyle and how to deal with work-related stress
3. ‘Be safe at home’ introduced a range of important home safety concepts
4. ‘Take a minute – Save a lifetime’ introduced a new risk assessment system for drivers to use when loading or unloading.
5. ‘Friday and beyond’ a recap of the week and the launch of a mobile phone procedures.

Importantly, the programme was designed to go beyond the workplace and reach out to employees’ families. Particular efforts were made to involve all the company’s drivers - including hauliers and franchisees.
The aims of the health and safety week included:

• To empower employees to put safety first
• To develop a link between safety at work and at home
• To encourage employees to consider a healthier approach to life
• In addition there were some specific goals:
o To tackle an increasing trend of LTIs relating to drivers at customer sites and,
o Ensure the safe use of mobile phones on site.


• High levels of participation achieved
• Excellent feedback
• Declining LTIs
• On-going internal conversation on health and safety
• Involving family reinforces safety culture at work.

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