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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2019
ACTIVITY: Behavioural Safety management COMPANY: Tarmac
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Tarmac Building Products Ltd
Worker engagement - WINNER


Standards of safety in Tarmac Building Products were both inconsistent and lacking in areas. This was reflected in a high number of accidents and incidents across the business. A step change was required. The division had the worst safety record in Tarmac 4 years in a row.

In January 2018, every operational member of staff in the business was invited to participate in a safety stand down to discuss how this situation could be improved. The feedback was that the business needed better worker involvement. Working groups and leadership teams were set up to reflect on this and identified the following initiatives to be delivered.

What Good Looks Like (WGLL)

Engaging with sites, best standard practices were identified and placed in a booklet which was distributed throughout the business, this set new standards for the division. To measure sites against these standards, cross business groups consisting of directors, regional operations managers and site managers were set up to visit sites. The group’s role was to engage with all the operational staff at the site and to determine the standards achieved and what further improvements could be made. Sites were awarded a status of red, amber, bronze, silver, or gold to reflect its position. All 42 sites were visited during the year and every single member of staff involved. This process continues today.

Reward and Recognition

A system was set up on our intranet allowing every employee to make submissions on behalf of their colleagues. Submissions could be made for either individuals or groups of people. The objective was to identity who had gone above and beyond what was normal in terms of safety or who had identified an initiative that improved safety. The reward was linked to the bronze, silver, or gold awards.

A monetary gift was made to the successful nominees who were also recognised in the monthly safety e-magazine and the division’s intranet. 55 individuals have been recognized so far with contributions reducing manual handling, confined space and work at height risks.

WhatsApp Best Practice Sharing Group

To promote best practice around the business, a WhatsApp group has been set up with posting enabled from every site and every manager of the business. To date, hundreds of best in class photos and ideas have been shared giving fantastic cross-collaboration across all product lines.

Regular Workshops/Conferences

A set of regular workshops and conferences have been set up where leaders of the business visit different sites to present and discuss safety initiatives and strategies. Additionally, site managers and supervisors participate in both on and off-site conferences, holding workshops to discuss improving specific areas of safety. The learnings points from the workshops are then promoted throughout the business.



  • Tarmac’s Building Products division achieved the best safety record in Tarmac over the last 2 years – reflecting a significant change in everyone’s attitudes to safety
  • Created an interdependent safety culture through all levels of the organisation
  • Overall WGLL statuses of sites has improved l Reduction in LTI’s and recordable incidents l Reduction in high potential learning events
  • Effective sharing and adoption across the business of best practice
  • Workforce is rewarded for their positive contributions
  • High level of engagement and pride in achievements
  • All levels working together to achieve a safer environment
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