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LOCATION: Company-wide ARTICLE YEAR 2010
ACTIVITY: Competence Assurance COMPANY: Tarmac Limited
What good SHE looks like
In order to maintain an ethos of continuous improvement in the company’s Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (SHE) performance, to ensure consistent standards and to share and embed best practice across all units, Tarmac Quarry Materials West Region has developed a ‘standard setting process’ as a means of delivering these objectives.

The process consists of two audits:

Part A – managing safety – consisting of nine sections:

1. Policy leadership and commitment
2. Risk management
3. Targets, objectives and performance
4. Training, awareness and competence
5. Communication, consultation and workforce involvement
6. Operational control
7. Emergency preparedness and response
8. Contractor management
9. Incident reporting and investigation.

Part B – Golden Rules – consisting of ten sections:
1. Fundamentals
2. Confined spaces
3. Working at heights
4. Energy and machinery isolation
5. Vehicles
6. Mechanical lifting
7. Quarry operations
8. Working on or near water
9. PPE
10. National Contracting (only to be completed for a site with NC involvement).

Questions have been developed for each of the 19 sections together with examples of ‘what good looks like’ and a photo library is available on a server to support this. Each site completes a team review for Part A & B together with an electronic excel spreadsheet which are saved on the server. A summary report is produced from the workbook and from this a score sheet can be maintained for all the units.

All unit managers have access to this information. The site can be reassessed as often as necessary with an updated version put on to the server.

During the year a minimum of 10 peer reviews are completed by a dedicated peer review team of 32. From the team, six members are selected to visit a nominated site - none of the team has any responsibility for the site - and they are lead by a district manager. The team completes their own assessment of Part A & B and provides feedback and the completed report to the site team at the end of the day. The peer review team ensures that as many people as possible on site are engaged with and
spoken to during the day.

The whole process is designed to be a positive experience celebrating success and building upon opportunities for the site.


Unit managers can review the scores from other sites and contact any site to ask for help and guidance on how they can improve their own site to reach the same standard

The process encourages continuous improvement

The process enables ‘what good looks like’ to also improve as processes and technologies develop

The dedicated peer review team consisting of operational, technical and SHE employees are able to improve their auditing skills over time

Peer review team members are able to share best practice with the site they are assessing and also take away best practice to implement at their own site

Worker involvement and consultation are ensured through the site assessment and peer review process, further helping to change the mindset of everyone.
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