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LOCATION: Cement plant ARTICLE YEAR 2014
ACTIVITY: Transport / Delivery COMPANY: Lafarge Tarmac
SUB ACTIVITY: On-highway COMPANY LOCATION: Cement and Lime
BEST PRACTICE No: BP920 COMPANY TEL: 07971 489 819
Automatic Tyre Inflation System (ATIS)

Semi-trailer tyres are the most neglected wheel position on a vehicle, particularly those on the near-side rear. Research shows that damaged tyres account for over 50% of all roadside service calls. A puncture often has to be attended to in an unsafe situation placing the tyre fitter and others at risk. Tyre blow outs and punctures not only but drivers and other road users at risk and will often impact on customer service.

Lafarge Tarmac has developed an Automatic Tyre Inflation System (ATIS) which maintains correct tyre pressure levels. This works by providing high-pressure air to each tyre from an on-board compressor fed from the truck’s existing high-pressure air system.
When the ATIS registers a low tyre pressure, the system informs the driver. If it is a slow puncture the compressor maintains the tyre pressure enabling the driver to complete his journey. If more serious, the driver can stop safely and seek attention.


• Safer vehicle and improved performance
• Less potentially unsafe repairs at roadside for tyres fitters
• Fewer blowouts and consequent reduction in vehicle damage
• Even tread wear, less tread damage, better grip, longer tyre life
• Improves tyre safety performance and traction during driving
• Driver awareness of tyre pressure status, visually and audibly
• Improved fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions
• Improved reliability and service to customers
• Fewer emergency roadside assistance incidents
• Reduced costs of operation
• Easy to install system that can be retro-fitted to most LGV

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