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ACTIVITY: Behavioural Safety management COMPANY: Sibelco
SUB ACTIVITY: No Sub Activity Available COMPANY LOCATION: Kings Lynn
BEST PRACTICE No: BP2005 COMPANY TEL: 07710 703292
Behavioural and leadership safety client to contractors and back again


Sibelco UK and D Wardle Plant have built up a good working relationship over the past 20 years. During 2014, they noticed a spike in incidents involving skip overturns on ADT’s while unloading.

A review of the underlying causes suggested that too much emphasis had been placed on physical measures and procedures without sufficient attention being paid to behavioural safety. Using a partnership approach they discussed what both companies could do to reduce the incidents.

They were keen to involve three different levels within the business in this process; the senior management and leadership team, managers and supervisors, and operatives, ensuring that they would all be involved and committed to achieving the cultural change required. It was recognised that on some sites,

D Wardle employees made up over 50% of the plants ‘day-to-day’ workforce but weren’t integrated into the site in the same way as the Sibelco employees.

The following actions were taken:

Sibelco was already running a leadership and behavioural safety training program. Senior managers of D Wardle Plant were invited to participate to facilitate both businesses agreeing a safety strategy, the adoption of shared standards and language in respect of safety issues.

As a follow on from this, D Wardle Plant developed its own ‘Stand Up’Campaign. It was designed to encourage any employee, regardless of their position in the organisation, to stop the job and speak up if they felt there was an uncontrolled hazard.

Scott Wardle, the MD of D Wardle Plant, conducted a roadshow at each Sibelco UK site to further reinforce the safety messages within the workforce and to listen to feedback on how they could improve safety. The ideas put forward ranged from simple PPE improvements to fundamental changes in the way a site was operated. Introducing these changes often brought about efficiency gains in addition to safety improvements.

The roadshows mirrored those conducted by the Operations Director of Sibelco UK, ensuring a common message across both businesses.


  • A significant reduction in incidents
  • Noticeable change in the safety culture across the business
  • Growth in the working relationship between the two businesses
  • Common standards and procedures across the two businesses
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