Vision Zero combines 4 key elements that will help the industry to achieve its goal of ensuring that 'everyone goes home safe and well everyday'  

  • 6  key values to embrace that will help change behaviour
  • 6 the high consequence hazards most likely to kill, seriously injure or impact the long term health of the workforce in the Mineral products industry - 'The Fatal 6'
  • 6  strategies that MPA will employ to support members
  • Leading and lagging indicators that will help the industry to progress

MPA has produced a range of resources to support members in their internal promotion of Vision Zero. Vision Zero will only be successful if everyone within an organisation understands and is committed to its values and goals. Please review the resources and share with your colleagues. 


An Employee Guide to Vision Zero  and  an A6 Pocket Reference Card. Copies of both these resources can be ordered from [email protected]  

To view and download a digital version of the Employee Guide       click here



Please  view the videos about Vision Zero by following the links below.

'Focus on Vision Zero'  - Summary of key elements of VZ - circa 3 minutes       click here

'Vision Zero unpacked' - Chris Leese explains VZ -  12.5 minutes                      click here 

Vision Zero views form the quarry face and shop floor - circa 3 minutes       click here

Vision Zero video of the full launch conference  - 1 hour & 9 minutes              click here


3 PowerPoints have been produced which include notes for a presenter. The PowerPoints can be adapted or company branding added if required by the presenter.  They can be used as part of  a toolbox talk, management update or in other forms of briefing. The notes accompanying the slides are to help the presenter generate audience interaction and question how Vision Zero could be applied to the audience's work environment. 

PowerPoint providing a  Summary of Vision Zero         click here 

PowerPoint on the  Core Values in Vision Zero            click here

PowerPoint on 'The Fatal 6' in Vision Zero                      click here