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Fatal 2 - Managing workplace transport and pedestrian interface. MPA launches two new guides

New Deployable MPA Resources to Support Your Initiatives

Workplace Transport and Pedestrian Interface has been identified by MPA's Health & Safety Committee as one of 'The Fatal 6' high consequence hazards that have been the main cause of fatalities and serious injuries and incidents over the last decade.

A range of resources have been launched  including an Employee's booklet, a Manager's handbook together with several supporting posters and stickers. These are all downloadable from the Fatal 2 section of Safequarry

MPAPedestrian safety27/10/2020
COVID-19 MPA issues new posters reminding people to Stay COVID-19 Alert

MPA has launched a new set of posters to help remind everyone to Stay COVID-19 Alert.

Digital copies can be downloaded from  the Manager and Employee COVID 19 Guidance Section on Safequarry that can be accessed via the button on the  Home page of Safequarry.  

Free hard copies can be ordered from  by MPA members whilst stocks remains. 




MPA 19/10/2020
MPA launches mental health and wellbeing guides

MPA and its members are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all employees. It has received requests from several members about what support is available in this area. Two guides have been developed to address this requirement; one for Employees and one for Managers.

The two Guides can be accessed on the Mental Health and Wellbeing page on Safequarry.

Free hard copies of the Employee guide are available to MPA members and can be ordered from"

Please contact Tony Entwistle for more information about the support MPA provides at"

MPAOccupational Health18/10/2020
MPA Sharing Good Practice Guide Now Available on-line

MPA's 'Sharing good practice 2019/20' is now available for download from The Guide includes the best entries from the 2019 Health and Safety Awards and links to the short videos of the winners and runner ups.

Please ensure that you review the entries with your colleagues to see if they can be applied within your own organisation.

MPAAll Subjects30/09/2020
Bitumen Toolbox Talks

10 toolbox talks from the European Bitumen Association have been added to Safequarry covering the following topics

  1. Pocket Guide on the Safe Delivery of Bitumen
  2. Bitumen storage tank content gauges and high level alarms
  3. Bitumen delivery driver inductions
  4. Bitumen discharge permit
  5. Ground based pumps
  6. Bitumen - Blocked and partially blocked pipelines
  7. Bitumen - Emergency safety showers
  8. Emergency shutdown of bitumen delivery vehicles
  9. Bitumen – Personal protective equipment
  10. Trace heating of bitumen pipelines

Eurobitume UKBitumen, storage and delivery23/09/2020
COVID-19 - CEMEX Poster supporting Mask and Move Policy

As Covid-19 cases are on the rise nationally, it is useful to consider any  additional measure to reduce the potential for transmission in the workplace.  The attached poster has been created to publicise and communicate CEMEX’s new  ‘Mask and Move’ policy for shared offices. Members may wish to consider whether introducing such a policy could be a useful additional control measure within their operations.

CEMEXCleaning and housekeeping21/09/2020
COVID-19 CEMEX implements 'Mask and Move Policy' to reduce risk of virus transmission

CEMEX has recently implemented a ‘Mask and Move’ Policy  in all shared office areas. This means that staff are asked to wear a face covering whenever they are away from their desk or workstation in all shared office areas and applies to everyone other than those who would normally be exempt from the mandatory wearing of face coverings under government guidelines. A poster is also downloadable from the resources section of Safequarry

CEMEXCleaning and housekeeping21/09/2020
COVID-19 - Action Cards to communicate COVID-19 early outbreak management information

Downloadable cards provide advice to individuals that own, manage or are responsible for a specific business or organisation within the community on how to respond to a COVID-19 outbreak by;

  • Identifying an outbreak of COVID-19 (one or more confirmed case depending on the business or organisation)
  • Reporting the outbreak to your local health protection team
  • Working with your local health protection team to respond

Each situation has an individual Action Card which provides specific COVID-19 Early Outbreak Management Information for that location. The Action Cards are designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on-hand in your business or organisation. (Please note these assets are cleared for use in England only.)

PHEOccupational Health11/09/2020
Product Warning - 3M™ PROTECTA® Rebel Self-Retracting Lifelines (ANSI Versions)
3M™ Fall Protection has identified a potential manufacturing issue with a limited number of 3M™ Protecta® Rebel Self-Retracting Lifelines (with galvanized or stainless-steel lifelines) produced between October 14, 2019 and February 25, 2020. This manufacturing issue could result in the SRL not engaging properly
 Testing materials and equipment10/09/2020
Stay Safe

With the forecast hot weather many people will be seeking to cool off at the coast. Others may be tempted to visit inland water near where they live such as a local reservoir or quarry lake. The water may look very inviting to them but conceal a range of hazards they are not aware of. 

Please remember to check warning signs, fencing and other safety measures at the quarry sites you are responsible for, particularly if they have lakes or water filled voids.

Please also share with your employees and colleagues this video. Ask them to share with their friends and family - it could be a life saver. It explains a simple technique anyone can use if they suddenly find themselves in trouble in water.

RNLI's video 'Float to Live' video  




The increased amount of travel and social interaction which is now permitted, presents much greater opportunity to contract and transmit Coronavirus and the gains achieved during lockdown could easily be lost. Recent press reports suggest that numbers of cases are increasing and a second wave may already be occurring, with some very localised spikes in businesses and towns.

It is essential that organisations and individuals remain vigilant. The basic control measures (social distancing, good hygiene etc.) that were identified at the outset continue to be relevant and effective.

Members are therefore advised to:

  • Ensure their workplaces remain COVID safe
  • Review and if necessary supplement the control measures in place
  • Conduct regular audits and inspections of the COVID measures
  • Monitor compliance with site COVID rules
  • Provide regular and frequent refresher toolbox talks to maintain awareness and reinforce the message
  • Having contingency measures in place that will ensure that further site shutdowns can be implemented quickly and safely if this becomes necessary.

The MPA’s ‘Ten Rules of Engagement’ are as applicable now as much as ever…

Please go to the COVID 19 section of Safequarry if you want to download any of the free posters.


MPAAll Subjects05/08/2020
Rollover of tipper

The rollover of a tipper in the Midlands this week reinforces the importance of ensuring that drivers and operators understand how to prevent these incidents. CEMEX has produced a video on rollover prevention, this topic is also covered in MPA's Driver's Handbook.

View CEMEX Video