Mitigating the high consequence hazards in the Mineral Products Industry

Fatal 3 - Work at height

17% of  fatalities in the industry involve a fall from height

Fatalities or serious injuries incurred when individuals fall, often onto hard services or plant. In most cases this is attributable to a combination of factors such as failing to follow a safe system of work, a fault in a safety device or a failure to use it, the individual being distracted, poorly designed equipment in relation to operator access and egress.

Operatives are exposed to risks associated with working at height whilst undertaking daily activities such as loading, inspecting silos and other processing plants, sampling, access and egress from mobile plant and undertaking a wide range of maintenance tasks.

A working group of MPA members has produced a manager's and an employee's guide to help mitigate the risks associated with working at height.


MPA Working at height safely employee guide

MPA Guide to Safe Working at Height 

The risks of falls from height can  be reduced by the following steps;

  • Engineering solutions that remove need to work at height
  • Improved walkways, access and guard rails
  • Use of appropriate harnesses and safety lines
  • Better safe systems of work and risk assessments  
  • Better fixed and mobile plant design
  • Cameras and other automated testing systems that replace manual inspections at height
  • Improved monitoring of work at height activities
  • Other measures. 

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Working at Height Safely - Employee Guide
All workplace falls from height are avoidable and you have the ability to stop an accident before it occurs. This clear, simple, smart booklet provides advice for employees on how they can avoid danger and keep themselves and their colleagues safe by applying the hierarchy of control for all work at height activities
MPAAll Subjects18/07/2022
Guide to Safe Working at Height Handbook

This handbook has been produced to outline how the potential hazards associated with work at height activities can be either eliminated or mitigated. Based on the hierarchy of control, the handbook provides ‘clear, simple and smart’ guidance for those managing Work at Height.

An introduction is provided for each element of the hierarchy of control, along with examples of good practice and questions every site should be asking. The guidance should be considered when conducting a risk assessment and conducting a work at height safety review. The handbook is designed for use by managers, employees, and contractors within the mineral products industry. Please share it within your organisation.

MPAAll Subjects18/07/2022
Prevention of falls from vehicles

This guidance note aims to help ensure best practice. It will be regularly revised to reflect new innovations which further control risk, e.g. from ideas generated by the annual QPA H&S Awards. It is intended that in future developments the scope also will be widened. It is recommended that sites have clear signage at their entrances and at their weighbridges that reinforce the message that climbing onto loaded vehicles is prohibited. A number of industry activities are considered and a hierarchy of control measures described which if applied will significantly reduce the falls from height risk.

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