Mitigating the high consequence hazards in the Mineral Products Industry

Fatal 5 - Struck by moving or falling object

31% of the fatalities in the industry are associated with individuals being struck by moving or falling objects.

Incidents involving injuries from a falling or moving object commonly are associated with operators dropping tools, parts or dislodging materials that either fall on them or a colleague, individuals being struck during  loading or unloading, materials being thrown out during a manufacturing process, materials falling from conveyors or other transportation system and failure of strapping/lifting device during maintenance procedures.

These risks can be mitigated by a range of measures which include;

  • Complete lifting plans and supervision of lifting operations
  • Wearing appropriate PPE such as  safety helmets and boots
  • Overhead protection or use of netting
  • Better guarding  that prevents spillage
  • Checking that the  correct lifting devices are being used
  • Checking that lifting devices are well maintained
  • Maintaining safety zones during loading and unloading
  • Moving pedestrians away form high risk areas
  • Ensuring that storage areas and shelving are appropriate
  • Better risk assessments and safe systems of work.

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MPA and Hycontrol have produced guidelines on the prevention of silo over-pressurisation

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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate
Bitumen Kettle Guidance - June 2022
MPA and Eurobitume have produced some guidance on the 4 protection measures that represent the minimum requirement to prevent a spillage from a bitumen kettle at an asphalt plant.
Eurobitume UKBitumen, storage and delivery02/07/2022
Prevention of silo over-pressurisation
A new guide has been produced by MPA and Hycontrol to help prevent incidents that are related to silo over-pressurisation. Pneumatic delivery/discharge of powders into silos is an everyday occurrence at both mineral company and customer sites. Deliveries that are not well controlled and monitored or silos that are not correctly equipped and maintained present a significant risk of silo over-pressurisation.
The explosive failure of silos as a result of over pressurisation puts workers lives at risk or serious injury from the impact of flying or falling debris - one of the MPA ‘Fatal 6’ hazards.
MPA & HycontrolDelivery and storage10/02/2022
HSENI issue guidance on cleaning of truck mounted mixer drums following fatality

Please see the link below to the Information Sheet prepared by HSENI regarding ‘Safe cleaning procedures for truck mounted mixing drums’.

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) is instructing ALL Concrete Operators to review their current risk assessment and safe system of work for cleaning the interior of truck mounted mixing drums.

Concrete Operators should eliminate the need to enter the mixing drum to perform cleaning activities where possible.

Inspectors from the Extractive Industry and Waste Group (EIWG) will be requesting evidence of Concrete Operators risk assessment, safe system of work and training records for this work activity during future inspections.

Danger Zone Control and the Duties of Sentries Updated Feb 2020

.Guidance on how to ensure control of the danger zone and what is expected from sentries.

Target Audience -  Managers, Supervisors, Shotfirers, Sentries and Explosives Supervisors

QNJACDrilling and Blasting04/03/2021
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