Mitigating the high consequence hazards in the Mineral Products Industry

FATAL 2 - Workplace transport and pedestrian interface

19% of fatalities in the industry involve workplace transport, often involving contact with pedestrians.

Every year pedestrians are killed or seriously injured having been  hit by mobile plant or other transport operating on a mineral products site.

There are now many technical devices that enhance a  driver's vision and warn both pedestrians and drivers about their proximity.  New designs and  modifications to vehicles can also reduce the  potential for and seriousness of an impact.

There are many other simple ways in which the  risk of pedestrian contact can be mitigated which include;

  • Improved site design and management of site traffic
  • Implementation of pedestrian exclusion zones
  • Creation of pedestrian walkways
  • Improved plant design to include fail safe devices and visual aids
  • Improved site and vehicle lighting
  • Better signage  and warning lights
  • Better risk assessments and safe systems of work
  • Improved monitoring of activities

Please follow this link to the section of Safequarry that provides recommended guidelines on the safety features for mobile plant Safer by Design or click on the  buttons below to view more information.

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TitleVideoActivityType of LocationYearPrize
Taking the guess work out of edge protection   Traffic managementQuarry2018 Y
5+2 Campaign – Safety zone blue lights and other enhancements   Pedestrian safetyOn-Highway2017 Y
Mobile pedestrian safety zones   Pedestrian safetyQuarry2017 N
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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate
A guide to pedestrian safety in quarries and surface mining

This guide highlights the steps one needs to take to separate pedestrians form mobile plant and other traffic.

QNJACPedestrian safety28/11/2016
Quarry vehicle safety

HSENI has produced a booklet that identifies ways to minimise the risks associated with the operation of vehicles in quarries. Activities such as loading, travelling on haul roads, reversing operations, tipping operations, vehicle / pedestrian interface and sharing roadways with outside contractor’s vehicles are potentially hazardous if not managed to mitigate risk. The booklet reviews issues such as brake testing, all-round visibility, the provision of adequate edge protection, the maintenance of the surface of the haul roads and the gradient of the haul roads. Please read and share with others.

Point of delivery check sheet

QNJAC has produced an easy to use reference guide for delivery drivers. The checklist identifies various conditions on-site that enable the driver to classify the delivery site as red, amber or green, it also provides guidance on what steps a driver should then take.

Version 2 – February 2016

QNJAC 15/08/2016
Artic tipper guidance - preventing overturns

Lafarge Tarmac has issued a booklet to assist all parts of the business in understanding, reviewing and addressing the use of tipping vehicles – and ensuring that every part of the process is carried out safely. Click on the heading to view a pdf of the booklet

Lafarge TarmacTransport04/02/2015
Creating a Controlled Safe Working Area
To undertake any activity within a Quarry Operation, it is necessary to create and control a safe working area. This guidance sheet represents best practice and has been formulated by the QNJAC to promote Zero Harm in the Workplace. It has been produced for, and is aimed at, small independent businesses, new ventures and sole traders.
Regulation 22 Guidance on Dangerous Areas within Quarries
This information sheet gives guidance to assist quarry operators in providing equipment or barriers specifically to comply with Regulation 22 of the Quarries Regulations 1999 (relating to Danger Areas within the quarry). It should be read in conjunction with the Approved code of Practice “Health and Safety at Quarries” (L118) which can be downloaded free of charge from HSE’s website ( This information sheet is not intended to deal with the danger zone created during shotfiring operations and should be read in conjunction with the Regulation 16 information sheet.
QNJACQuarries Legislation23/10/2012
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Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
01410Hydraulic Breaker Incident24/03/2015On-HighwayManual handling and storage
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Taking the guess work out of edge protection Traffic managementQuarry2018 Y
Mobile pedestrian safety zones Pedestrian safetyQuarry2017 N
5+2 Campaign – Safety zone blue lights and other enhancements Pedestrian safetyOn-Highway2017 Y
Sharing health and safety resources helps us all work towards Zero Harm
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