Mitigating the high consequence hazards in the Mineral Products Industry

FATAL 1 - Contact with moving machinery and isolation

22% of fatalities in the industry are as a result of contact with moving machinery often associated with reactive maintenance and a failure to correctly isolate all sources of energy.

Fatalities or serious injuries mainly due to a failure to isolate  machinery, poor guarding, inadequate exclusion areas, poor procedures or a failure to follow them. These tragic incidents often involve horrific  injuries associated with entrapment, crushing, amputations, pinching, lacerations or burns. 

In many cases these incidents were forseeable and avoidable. Reducing  them will be achieved by the implementation of the following

  • Better designed plant and processes
  • Better designed guarding
  • More effective supervision
  • Better risk assessments
  • Additional training
  • Following LOTOTO isolation procedures
  • Use of appropriate exclusion zones
  • Updated safe systems of work (SSofW)
  • Ensuring continued monitoring of SSofW and condition of safety equipment
  • Other related measures. 

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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate
Guide to energy isolation and LOTOTO - (Lock-out - Tag-out - Try-out)

The industry operates equipment that has the potential to cause harm if not operated or isolated correctly.

We have learnt from incidents within the industry, the critical importance of giving employees and contractors as much information and guidance on the risks involved when operating heavy machinery and a better understanding of the different types of energy they need to be protected against.

This document will describe LOTOTO (Lock-Out – Tag-Out – Try-Out), the process for isolating equipment to ensure that maintenance and cleaning can be undertaken safely.

Prepared by the MPA and Reece Safety, this document shares best practice and will help to raise awareness of ‘LOTOTO’ and to guide the industry to the achievement of a safer working environment. In this document you will also find also find product information to safe guard the workforce.

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TitleVideoActivityType of LocationYearPrize
Thinking outside the confined space   Maintenance & HousekeepingConcrete products2018 Y
Working with contractors   Contractor SafetyQuarry2018 N
Action cam video   Maintenance & HousekeepingQuarry2017 N
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Title/Short DescriptionSourceSubjectDate

CEMEX presentation to raise awareness of the issues surrounding guarding, to prompt review of existing guarding by management and ensure guarding standards are to an acceptable level. Guarding requirements must be fully understood, if guards are not in place or adequate there is a significant potential for someone to be killed. The unauthorised removal and failure to replace guards securely are serious offences.

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Incident No.TitleDateType of LocationActivity
01511Fatal 6 - Faulty isolator switch 09/05/2019Concrete productsMaintenance & Housekeeping
01509Fatal 6 – Employee enters hopper without PTW or Isolating19/03/2019Concrete productsMaintenance & Housekeeping
01499Safety Nudge - Isolation of conveyors and other plant05/11/2018QuarryGuarding and isolation
01488Failure in isolation procedures - near hit12/04/2018CementGuarding and isolation
00200Augur isolation failure on Explosives mixer truck21/01/2009QuarryProduction and Processing
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Isolation Poster - Fruit machine Please see attached one of two posters designed to remind operators of the importance of following isolation procedures.
Isolation Poster - loaded gun One of two posters designed to remind operators of the importance of following correct isolation procedures.
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CEMEX suite of visual aids on isolation procedures LOTO False Isolation and Lock OffCEMEX UK2012
Isolation and Lock Off Stop and Think False Isolation and Lock OffCEMEX UK2010
Isolation and lock off - Vechicles and Mobile Plant False Isolation and Lock OffCEMEX UK2009
Safe working - locking of electrical equipment False Electricity hazardsTarmac Group Ltd2008
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Fatal 6 - Isolation clasp design Isolation Company wide2019 N
FATAL 6 Contact with moving machinery Isolation Company wide2019 N
Thinking outside the confined space Maintenance & HousekeepingConcrete products2018 Y
Working with contractors Contractor SafetyQuarry2018 N
Fatal 6 - Isolation - LOTOTO - cartoon Isolation Company wide2018 N
Action cam video Maintenance & HousekeepingQuarry2017 N
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